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Jesus in prophecy

Christians need to be able to give an answer for their faith in Jesus as the Son of God. We can be confident that God did ask us to believe blindly but when we examine our faith, we find more and more reasons to believe.

Today’s lesson, Jesus in Prophecy, discusses the prophecies given regarding Jesus in the Old Testament and how they can help us have more confidence.

Which prophecy concerning Christ do you find the most meaningful?

Learning from others

There are many valuable lessons we can learn from the mistakes of others. In today’s lesson we learn something from the mistakes of a very well known Bible Character.

Which Bible characters have taught you the most?


The Authorized Gospel

There are many “Gospels” in the world but only one has been authorized to be preached by Jesus. Do you preach or believe an unauthorized Gospel?

Today’s lesson, The Authorized Gospel, continued last weeks lesson as we apply “doing things with God’s authority” to the message we preach and believe.

The Bible is God’s Word-part 2

Two weeks ago we discussed the Bible as God’s word. While Christians do not doubt the Bible being God’s word, those who have questions might be interested in some of the facts about the Bible which may help them draw the same conclusion we do. (Unfortunately, part 1 did not get recorded)

The Bible is God’s Word part 2

Preaching with Authority

When Jesus sent His disciples out to preach the Gospel He authorized them to preach HIS Gospel not the “gospel” of someone else. Here is the lesson from this morning that explains what the Gospel is and what we are authorized to preach.

Going with authority

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