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Living by Faith-laying aside weights and sins

Living by Faith is the life that follows the instructions of God. It will also require some actions on our part to remove things from our life that keep us from being able to serve God effectively.

As this series of sermons on living by faith comes to a close, we note that the Hebrew writer urges his follows to imitate the people mentioned in chapter 11.

We are to “Also” lay aside weights and sin. They did it and we can too; their lives testifies to the fact that they laid aside weights and sin and we can follow those footsteps–even though he is going to quickly point us to follow Jesus. Those of chapter 11 may be considered heroes of faith but really, it is their faith that made them that. They were ordinary men and women doing ordinary obedience-the kind that anyone can do if they are willing too.

Weights are not sins but they are hindrances and obstacles to us achieving our goal. The Christian goal is to get to Heaven, to find that city whose foundation was not laid by man.

Serving God is not only done at a worship service. Working hard, tending to your family, helping neighbors, raising children, even resting can all be things which we do in such a way as to serve God. The problem though is when those things take such a priority as to put them first in front of God. At that point, they become a hindrance.

In my experience it is the recreational area that creates the most hindrance. How much time do you spend in recreational, “me time” pursuits?  Binge watching your favorite series or binge playing Candy Crush is almost never a good use of your time when there are so many things to do in the kingdom of the Lord.

Sins, of course, are violations of God’s law and need to be stopped. However, as many of us find out, we may be free from sin after being baptized into Christ (Romans 6) but we are not mechanically kept from sin and sin….is still there to tempt us. It is clingy and needs to be removed and laid aside too.

As we do this, we are then able to do the positive things which the lesson from March 28th will deal with. The first part is posted on our website if you wish to listen to the sermon, click here.

Psalm 49-Wealth is not all it’s cracked up to be

The Psalms teach us many things. They are considered part of the word of God according to Jesus (Luke 24:44) and many of the things written about the Messiah come from the Psalms. They give us wisdom and understanding in important areas of our life.

Last Sunday (May 20th), the morning lesson came from Psalm 49. It shares with us a proper perspective on life and how we are not to be led astray by chasing after riches nor are we to be worried by the oppression that may come from those who do.

Those chasing wealth may think they can reach for their wallet or checkbook in the judgement but they will not find enough even if they own the whole world. (Mt 16:26)

Remember this: Whatever you have in money or whatever you could accumulate in money will never, ever come close to the price that your soul is worth. Therefore coveting wealth is the errand of the fool and the wise man will put his priorities on serving God.

You can listen to the sermon here.


Living by faith-Being a good hearer

If Faith come by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ (Romans 10:17), then it follows that we want to give everyone a chance to hear the word of God so that faith has an opportunity to develop.

However, the Bible tells us that there are different types of hearers: those who are hard of hearing, dull of hearing, having itching ears, and those who hear with a good and honest heart.

Sunday’s sermon discusses these different types of hearers and offers some suggestions on how to be a better hearer/listener. You can listen to the sermon online by clicking this link.

Living by Faith-An ordinary Life

One of the problems with having heroes of faith is that we tend to forget that they were men and women like us. “They put their pants on one leg at a time” just like we do and because of this, we should remember that when they weren’t building arks, slaying giants, escaping fiery furnaces, or conquering cities they had a regular life.

If someone were to write a biography about your life, would they be able to say that you lived by faith? If you think only in terms of “BIG” things then probably not but if you think in terms of “simple obedience in faith” to what God says in His word, then the answer is absolutely!

Today’s lesson sets the stage for next weeks lesson where we will try to apply the lessons of Hebrews 11 to ourselves but it is important to take time to note….even ordinary people can be people who live by faith.

The sermon can be heard by clicking on this link.

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