Don’t Worry about the election

It is infuriating to me how addictive this election is! Even in spite of the sermon presented, the concern and worry and anxiety still seem to affect me. Yes, it is true…everything in the sermon is true.

It is true that God is Sovereign and He is in control!  God raises up nations and brings nations down. Just because the USA is the nation I live in and want to see continue (although, the direction should make a shift back toward Godly principles), it doesn’t mean that God is going to let it continue. Nor do we know how this country will end (or if it will end) nor what plans God has for the leaders that are currently in power. However, God does.

Daniel shows us in chapter 2 and 4 that God gives the rule to whom HE WISHES! Of course, government is to serve a purpose such as punishing the wicked and upholding the obedient even though it does not always do so. Babylon was 110% a moral (by God’s standards) government but He raised it up and used it to punish Israel and other nations for what had become a moral decline in the world at that time. Then He brought the Medes and Persians against Babylon. All this plays out on a stage that we cannot see clearly. We might glimpse bits and pieces of it but to understand it…we don’t have the perspective to do that.

Who will win the election? Honestly, does it matter?  Yes, it does and No, it doesn’t! It is true that the right leader might allow more peace than the wrong one. Such a result could be a good one for those trying to do God’s will. However, on the other hand, it doesn’t really matter because a Christian’s life is not focused on the things of this world and that does include politics in the country you live.

You see, Christians are not first, citizens of a nation in this world, but rather of the Heavenly Kingdom of God. As such, our focus is to please our King and Savior. It is not that we do not have an interest in the welfare of our country but it is secondary to promotion of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our primary mission is to preach the Gospel and live for Jesus. If we allow ourselves to become too tied up or preoccupied with politics, there is a danger that we can become unfruitful in the things of God.

Whatever our political opinions are, we should all agree that expanding the borders of God’s kingdom is more important than who becomes President!.

The sermon can be heard here.


About Steven Sarff

If I were to offer any one piece of advice to one wishing to serve God, it would be to put Hebrews 11:6 and Acts 17:11 into action and let God guide you to grow in the grace and knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ.

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