(December 8th 2013) I think that it is fair for readers to know what view I hold on some of the topics that I write about. I am planning on delving into the topic of Baptism on this blog with a focused effort to discuss its value in a soul’s salvation. So while you could read all the posts that I make about this topic over the next few weeks or months, I will save you the time of trying to “guess” what I think about baptism’s value in our salvation.

Without Faith in Jesus Christ, it means nothing. With Faith in Jesus Christ it opens the doors to the kingdom of God.

That might a fancy way of saying that baptism is necessary to salvation but honestly, I think that making the statement in today’s world that :

You need to be baptized to be saved

is not the most effective one because there are several modes of “baptism.” Also many think that when someone says that, what it is  that they are saying is actually that ONLY Baptism will save you….or that WATER saves you… or that you EARN your salvation. None of which I believe and none of which the Bible teaches.

In the following posts, I hope to not only defend the practice of baptism as necessary for salvation but to show why other means of salvation even when coupled by faith are not what the Bible teaches.

Now, I understand, agree, and teach that God’s word is our standard, so if any of you wish to consider my writings and wish to join in the conversation, I will be happy to have you. Especially if you currently disagree with me.

As always, study God’s word and see if these things are so. Acts 17:11


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