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Steps to help you deal with worry.

Worry is one of those things that we know we shouldn’t do but often engage in. It is important to know that concern over things that are reasonable to anticipate is normal and necessary. Examples of these normal concerns (sometimes we use the word “worry”) are retirement savings, raising children, job performance.  The reason why concern is o.k. in these things is partly because we have some control or influence over them.

Abnormal worry or anxiety is when we try to control things that we cannot control and/or have no influence over. Scientist tell us that our sun will burn out in 5 billion years. (Whether that is so or not is not under consideration.) Some people worry about that statement. Yet, to worry about something that is 93 million miles away, well outside of our control, and so far into the future that you can’t even conceive of it, is not healthy.

In the sermon we discuss 4 ideas that may help us minimize our worry. First, there are things which you cannot influence or control, so do not worry about them. Second, somethings pertain to God….and He is doing just fine in how things unfold. Third, somethings belong to other people to resolve or take care of. As much as we would like to help, fix, or control other peoples problems, issues, and lives….we cannot control other people. Finally, prioritize your concerns. Just because we can control a thing, doesn’t mean we need to control it. Somethings do not need to be dealt with because higher priorities take precedence.

If you wish to hear the sermon, click here.

Sometimes (or, When life gives you troubles)

Life is not always as smooth as we would like. Jesus didn’t promise us a rose garden but there is a way handle life when troubles, worry, and concerns threaten to overwhelm us. Listen to the sermon from Sunday PM entitled: Sometimes (or, “When life gives you troubles)

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