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Go your way Bartimaeus

When Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, outside of Jericho heard that Jesus was passing by, he crided out to Him for mercy! (Mark 10) I don’t know how Bartimaeus knew that Jesus was the Messiah, but his pleas to the “son of David” lead me to beleive that he did believe it.  Jesus called Bartimaeus to him and granted his request to have his sight restored.

This was something that only Jesus could do. There were no doctors that could heal him. He was completely dependent on Jesus for this mercy.

The thing that caught my attention though was what Jesus told Bartimaeus to do after he was healed.  Jesus said “Go your way…” and what did Bartimaeus do? What would you have done?

Would you have rushed home to share tohe good news with your family? Would you have run to get a job that would pay you something more than begging? There are many different ways he could have gone.  However, he chose to follow Jesus. He made the Lord’s way his way.

Jesus heals us from a malady much worse than blindness. By His stripes were we healed, Isaiah tells us and John tells us Jesus is the propitiation for our sins.  so what way are you headed after being healed by Jesus? That is the question we looked at in today’s sermon. You can hear it here.




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