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Doubting God

So many people live a life of doubting God. They doubt He exists. They doubt He acts. They doubt He cares. They doubt He will punish the ungodly. There are many more things in which people express doubts about God.doubting God

To the Christian however, there is no doubt that He exists and it is not a blind faith that they rely on. They do not doubt that He acts because they know that not only can and does God act, He does it in His time…not man’s. They do not doubt that He cares because God’s Son died for us to show that God loves us and God continues to walk with us showing that He does indeed care. They do not doubt He will punish the ungodly and those who do not obey the Gospel so not only do they strive to live a godly life but they warn those that they can.

When you doubt God, you doubt the one being who is able to help your life be better. The sermon this morning dealt with this topic. You can listen to it here.

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