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What will hate do?

Hate! It is such a strong word. Wrath, a synonym to hate, often starts with something that offends us and then if not released will turn into a grudge and then enmity and hatred that can last for generations. (Click here to hear the sermon on what hate will do. ) anger

Esau’s descendants known as the country of Edom continued to allow an enmity between Edom and Israel to fester and continue. While the feud between Esau and Jacob appears to have ended, his descendants appear to have borne a grudge through the years and God was going to bring judgement on them for their perpetual hatred. (Ezekiel 35:1-5)

Sometimes we relish hatred in our hearts with other people. Hatred is not of the Spirit of God, it is of the worldly spirit.  Hatred keeps in the carnal nature, it leads to contentions, blinds us to its results, and is a step closer to murder.

Hatred affects the one hating more than the one hated. In the book of Esther you see that Haman was much more affected by his hatred of Mordecai than Mordecai was affected by it.

Rather than let hatred fester in our lives, we should practice other qualities: Restraint, Forgiveness, Love of enemies and becoming more like our Father in Heaven who sheds his blessings on the just and unjust.



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