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New building location in Bastrop, Texas

The Lost Pines church of Christ congregation has moved!!

Our new address is 976 Hwy 71 E in Bastrop Tx, about 4 miles east of where we used to meet and much more visible!

Here is a picture of our new building! We are just moving in and signs will come later. If you are in the area, spread the word and if you are passing by, note the change. Of course, I forgot to add our service times but they are Sunday morning : 9:30 am for Bible class, 10:30 am for Worship service and 2pm for an afternoon worship service. Wednesdays we meet at 6:30 for Bible Study.



Just a thought on moving

My wife and I have just completed a move from one sorta nearby town to Bastrop where I preach. A lot of transition is in store for us and we are looking forward to the challenge. It seems as if the Lord has opened doors to allow this move that we didn’t even realize were there to begin with!

However, making this move made me realize just how much STUFF we have accumulated. I had always thought of ourselves as being frugal minded (and frugal actioned as well) but it was still impressive to me just how much had to be boxed up and packed up and loaded up even with that kind of mindset. I still saw things that I hadn’t seen (or used) for a good long time (most of those items were in the garage or a closet).

It reminds me that sometimes we buy things that we have no need for or hold on to things far longer than they need be held onto. Then when moving day comes, there is a lot of scurrying around to get things loaded into the truck. A lot of lifting and groaning and if you are fortunate you have friends who work for pizza! (we were very fortunate!)

It also reminds me that when it comes for to our final move that none of that stuff will be following after us. You never see a U-haul truck following a hearse! The things that really make a difference in our life moved with us in our cars (namely my wife and myself) and God, of course, was with us too as He will be on the final move.

While there are balances to what we possess, it is always best to let us possess the possessions and not the other way around. In that way we will be more able to and more inclined to let them be used for God’s glory.

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