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The Authorized Gospel

There are many “Gospels” in the world but only one has been authorized to be preached by Jesus. Do you preach or believe an unauthorized Gospel?

Today’s lesson, The Authorized Gospel, continued last weeks lesson as we apply “doing things with God’s authority” to the message we preach and believe.

Today, you will be with me…

Almost two months ago, I received a call from Kirkland, Wash. from a sister in Christ whose stepson had left home many years back, almost 5 decades ago. “He lives in Bastrop” she told me and he is not doing well health-wise. He is open to studying from God’s Word finally, “Can you go see him?”

So I went. I called first and then went to visit. Derald was very nice and receptive. He told me about his health problems and we talked about his spiritual needs. He had left attending church services when he left home at 16 AND furthermore, he had never obeyed the Gospel. He told me that his step mother had been the only one who never gave up on him and continued to pray for him.

Derald’s life was not the best. I imagine I don’t know half of the choices in made in his 50 years away from church services. I know some of the things but they don’t matter now.  None of what he had done was so bad that the Blood of Jesus would not be able cleanse it from Derald’s soul.

The arm of the Lord is not so short that it cannot save!

Some of you saw the baptism of Derald on our Facebook page (Lost Pines church of Christ). Derald humbly obeyed the Gospel and was baptized into Christ for the remission of sins 28 days ago. Today, he went to his reward.

Even though he was not in the Kingdom of Christ for very long, the reward is not based on works but upon faith….faith which he had and demonstrated for the few weeks he was upon this earth after being baptized.

Lessons to be learned in this are easy to find. Never stop praying. Never worry about imposing on a brother in Christ if a loved one is able to be reached by them. Never delay to go when someone is brought to your attention. Never grow weary of doing good.

I thank God that Derald was receptive, I thank God that Dianne called me, I thank God that we had the opportunity to teach him although it should be noted that the teaching took place many years ago while he was still at home. I said very little, I did very little. Some people plant, some people water, God gives the increase.

I am filled with sorrow mixed with joy today!

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